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Google and SAP expand strategic partnership

Social Media - Google and SAP expand strategic partnership - Douglas Bernardini

Google and SAP have expanded their partnership for Enterprise customers with SAP offerings in Google Cloud Platform. At SAP TechEd, SAP has announced the availability of SAP Integration Suite in Google Cloud Platform which is an enterprise integration platform that allows customers to integrate on-premise and cloud-based applications. RISE with SAP which is a packaged solution for business transformation is expected to be expanded with Google with availability of SAP solutions across the global network of Google Cloud.

The other key partnership between Google and SAP is the availability of SAP HANA Cloud in Google Cloud Platform. SAP Hana Cloud is a in-memory cloud database that connects to enterprise systems for advanced analytics. SAP S/4HANA Cloud which is an integrated enterprise resource planning solution from SAP is already available in Google Cloud.

“The partnership between SAP and Google is reflected in great services available to countless customers. In fact, a partnership with solid and important results for the market.” says Douglas Bernardini, Cyber Security Specialist and Cloud Computing Expert.

There are currently forty-three versions that provide country specific localized features. SAP now plans to expand with 16 more local versions. With BigQuery on Google Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and advanced analytics, SAP and Google’s strategy is to drive more customers to their SAP solution in Google Cloud.


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