Corporate Cloud Management Specialists

We manage cloud computing services for small and medium-sized corporations. We are flexible and meet your IT needs. Focus on cost, quality and fast delivery.

> Migration of corporate systems to the cloud

Experts in Corporate Systems Migration


Moving to the cloud raises many questions. Petabyte has the answers. Whether you want to migrate one application from one location or dozens of applications across multiple data centers and clouds, we have the solutions you need. We give IT teams the power to migrate these systems.

Accelerate and simplify your migration journey by leveraging the speed of the cloud. Migrate an enterprise application and entire systems through waves of migration. You can customize the strategy in the way that works best for you.

> Reduced costs in cloud computing

Cloud Costs

The complexity and possibilities of cloud computing resources often make the environment oversized and poorly used with great waste of resources.

We have extensive experience and adequate tools for analysis and constant optimization of cloud resources.

Diagnosis of underutilized resources, Continuous optimization of your environment, Real-time cost alarms, Historical cost graphs, Continuous cost optimization.

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> Security in cloud computing

Cloud Security

Your safety is our priority. Our security services will protect your environment, mitigate risk, and minimize reaction time to threats.

Security managed service using cloud-specific solutions like Anti-Malware.

Firewalls, Constant vulnerability analysis integrated with problem solving, Continuous security assessment. Patching, Reporting, Log Analysis and Correlation and Adaptation to Cloud Security Best Practices

> Monitoring in cloud computing


Monitoring and support in the cloud

We monitor your environment and application 24×7. You can be assured that we will always be taking care of your infrastructure. 24x7x365 support of your entire infrastructure in the cloud. Root cause analysis by escalated incident.

Integrated alert management. Automated Case Opening. Possibility of automated actions in case of failures. Monthly SLA Report.

Interface with Suppliers. You have a single point of contact. Your choice of monitoring levels, service hours, response time SLAs, and reporting.

Delivered as a personalized service, based on the specific needs of your individual environment.

Multi-Cloud Support for Consolidated Managed Services.



> Solutions focused on cloud computing


We work with the main market solutions

Shall we work together on your next cloud project?

Bring your budget to us. Without compromise, we’ll demonstrate our solutions to you and how we can contribute to your cloud journey.


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